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Guests, start here!

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Guests, start here! Empty Guests, start here!

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:56 pm

Hello and welcome to the Sorceric Crossroads!
Thanks for taking the time to come around and check these parts out. If you're getting ready to post here I assume it's for either of 2 reasons.

1. "I want to ask why I can't post anywhere else without registering."
- That's a fair question. The first reason is because it's my way of trying to trap you into investing time in creating a profile so you'll want to get more out of it by frequenting here. Laughing If you're here, you've probably got something to offer so I hope you stick around until I can figure out what it is. The second reason is because there are lots of bots and trolls on the internet and forcing registrations in order to post can greatly reduce the number of them on your forums.

2. "I'm ready to register, or I have some other question I need to discuss with a moderator/admin."
- Okay. Posting in the help forum, (the only one you can post in before registering), is a little tricky. There's 3 steps.

  1. Click "New Topic" and fill out the form. Include the title, text, and fill out the username box on top. The names "guest", "admin", "moderator", and any already registered names aren't valid, but just about anything else is. Once everything is filled out click send.
  2. Answer the catchpa. Click Ok.
  3. Now you're back in the new topic page and you have to click send a 2nd time in order for it to post. After that you're all set.

If it just isn't working for you, go ahead and PM one of the mods with your questions and they'll be glad to help you. Looking forward to seeing your posts on the boards. Wink

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